Forum Title: Experts Report..Lawsuit Update
Well the HOA decided to play hardball and (instead of settling with us) brought in an ?expert? to re-roof the building in question. Funny thing is he used HIS roofing company to do the work after being the one to open the other five bids :ohmy: :ohmy: So, they were ordered to let us know when the work would start so our expert could be there to document everything. Instead they started without telling us (or their attorney?.supposedly). We find out last Friday and our attorney drafts a motion for sanctions that was filed Monday morning. If the judge rules in favor their case is over and out. Our expert got out there in time and I'm getting daily reports. First report, no moisture under sheet, insulation is completely dry. The only moisture found was around one of the HVAC units, something we told them (and their first ?expert? confI'med) from the very beginning. Funny thing is they?re not pulling up the HVAC curbs to replace them and flash properly, this roof will continue to leak! They?re also not doing ANY tapered board around the HVAC units so the ponding will also continue. All this for a mere $75K plus another $5K for the ?expert?. :laugh: :laugh: I gotta tell ?ya, if stupid was ever for sale this HOA would be their best customer. At this point I Don't even care about the residents who are paying for this fiasco. I had the TV reporter all set to do the story but they were ?afraid? to be on camera. Told ?em they gotta ?step up? to stop this misuse of funds but I guess you lose your will to fight the older you get. Trial (if necessary) is in May. I'll keep ?ya posted??.. JET
Category: Roofing Post By: CRAIG MORALES (Waterbury, CT), 03/15/2018

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