Forum Title: Roofer Hit By Lightning While On The Job
This is a shocking story. A Calgary roofer was struck by lightning while working on a roof at the airport. He is alright, but said it felt like he got hit in the head with a baseball bat. This is why it is important to know what the weather conditions will be like for the day and to pay attention to the weather while you are on the roof.Quote: At least one member of a Calgary roofing crew said he's hankering for a cold one after a nasty lightning strike cut his day short. On Wednesday evening, EMS assessed four patients and transported two to hospital after lightning struck a roof near the airport. And about 150 feet away they assessed another patient, a 23-year-old man, who was transported to hospital after he too was hit with electric discharge. All patients are in stable condition. A roofing crew was finishing up their patching project in the 500 block of Palmer Road when it started to rain. Daniel Ludwig, who was part of the group, said the storm came out of nowhere just as they were packing up. There was a flash and I hit the roof deck. The other guys were on the roof deck and we hauled ass and ran, Ludwig said. He mentioned that all four were able to climb down off the roof to safety. It felt like somebody cracked me in the head with a baseball bat. For him it was a freak incident, and they didn't even have time to react. Businesses nearby said they heard the storm come and go, with a few loud cracks, but it was quick. Paramedics checked Ludwig and the crew out, gave him a clean bill of health and noted if anything changes he should go to the hospital. He said he's not feeling foggy – more in awe of what happened. EMS spokesman Nate Pike said although lightning strikes during a storm aren't uncommon, having numerous victims is. To have four people, and a fifth one nearby, that's a little surprising, Pike said. Regardless of how immediate your work feels that it may be, when thunder roars get indoors, there's nothing that's worth the risk. Pike noted when Environment Canada issues weather watches and warnings, Calgarians should heed them.I should go buy a lottery ticket, said Ludwig. Though he seemed shaken by what happened, Ludwig added this isn't the first time he's been hit by lightning; he was struck on a fishing tip once. Ludwig added he's not sure how the rest of the crew – especially the two sent to hospital – are doing. He said he was taking a few days off and looking forward to a big beer before heading home. Source
Category: Roofing Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Des Plaines, IL), 01/10/2018

This has always been a fear of mine to get caught in a storm and get hit by lightening. Hopefully all these guys will be alright after this incident. You just never know what might happen to you up there.

- MARIA DAVIS (Fayetteville, AR), 03/16/2018

I am not a fan of lightening myself. If we are doing a commercial roof, and even the hint of rain is coming, I make sure I'm the first one down. I've been in some situations in the past where I came close to being hit.

- CLAUDE TERRY (Delray Beach, FL), 03/21/2018

This is not something to fool around with. These guys are lucky that they are still around to tell their story. I know these things can sneak up on a site, so you have to be careful and have an open eye.

- TED BUSH (Las Vegas, NV), 04/17/2018

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