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Wife was fussing about the tube lights needing their lens recleaned, and as I looked up and really observed the ceiling, I thought about the water stains. You can see where I used Kilz to paint over stains from back in the 90?s when the chimney leaked, then when I got caught in that huge storm when I torn the old roof off and it rained for several weeks. Boy, was that a learning curve because I didn't realize just how much the newer improved felts absorbed water. Stuff wrinkled so much, it puckered and popped 1/2? hole everywhere it was nailed, First time in my life I had to felt a house in a rain and had to leave it for some time. (This after hearing it was going to be clear and sunny for a week. huge storm rolled in as I tore it off and it rained for about 2 weeks.) ? :ohmy: Then, there are 4 huge brown stains from 2 years ago from where the 30 year old 3-tab section of roof finally started leaking and I finally got around to doing the shed section 2 years or so ago. ? :laugh: As I looked at that mess, I could only cringe wondering what Mike and Lefty thought about that!! :laugh: I should be shot for leaving that ceiling like that knowing who was coming to visit! ? :blush: Embarrassing to be honest! :blush:
Category: Roofing Post By: CARMEN MATTHEWS (Bountiful, UT), 03/07/2018

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